1) Who keeps the wedding negatives and copyrights?
Our clients receive the unmarked negatives and copyright with all packages at no additional charge.


2) Why do some wedding photographers keep the negatives and copyrights?
Some photographers keep the negatives to extract more dollars and profit out of the Bride and Groom and to take control out of the Bride and Groom’s hands.


3) How do I know who will be the wedding photographer for my wedding day?
All Instant Memories Photographers are profiled online in our portfolios section and can be requested for your wedding. Once a retainer is received at our office, the wedding photographer is then assigned and secured for your wedding date.


4) How many wedding photographers come with your packages?
We provide one wedding photographer with every package. An additional candid photographer is available for a fee, ranging from $300 – $500. The candid wedding photographer utilizes a high-resolution digital camera with unlimited exposures transferred to CD-ROM for presentation. All digital images can be printed at a professional lab or even at home using photographic paper.


5) What about charges for travel, hotel or car rental?
Please email us for a specific quote for your location.


6) How many hours of photography coverage will I receive on my weddingday?
We do not charge by the hour; we shoot by the package, which allows unrestricted movement from one location to another without additional charges.


7) When will I receive my wedding proofs and negatives?
Local weddings will be ready for pickup at our office 45 days after the wedding. Out of town/out of country weddings will be shipped 45 days after the wedding.


8) Is it possible to have a combination of both colour and black/white photography for my wedding?
We use two cameras for your wedding and shoot a combination of color and b/w determined by the bride and groom. As an additional service, we can also print all color film in black / white for a nominal cost of $ 35 per roll – 24 EXP.


9) I am having a late wedding ceremony … is it possible to arrange the photo shoot prior to my ceremony?
Since we do not charge by the hour, we encourage couples to take as many photos as possible during the mid afternoon – prior to the wedding ceremony … allowing for more photography time with family and friends later.


10) Are the wedding proofs marked, stamped or do they have the copyright logo on the wedding photos?
No – all proofs are presented to the Bride and Groom free of any markings or copyright stamps – your wedding photos will be clear and pristine.


11) My parents are divorced and we will need a fourth set of wedding photos OR I want to give a set of my wedding photos to my Grandmother or Godmother, is that possible?
We can print a fourth set of wedding pictures / proofs on request for $ 35/roll.


12) What style of wedding photographs do your photographers take?
Instant Memories Wedding Photography has staff that are qualified to take Candid, Photojournalistic and Traditional wedding photography styles dependent on weather, wedding party size, first or second marriage, and cooperation level with Bride and Groom.


13) How long should I plan for the post wedding pictures, aka “formals”?
Between 1.5 – 3 hours allows the wedding photographer to achieve their goals … a plan that works for most wedding parties.


14) I have a very large wedding party and family photo requirements … can we purchase extra wedding film to accommodate this?
Additional film can be purchased at $ 35 per roll – 24 exposure – includes 3 sets of color proofs and negatives.


15) Should I make a list of my desired photos for the wedding photographer?
Instant Memories Wedding Photography requests a list of photos of family combinations and desired Bride and Groom shots to insure all wedding photos are to be taken. In the past, some clients have cut out photos from magazines to insure the wedding photographer had an illustration of the desired shot on the day of the wedding.


16) When will I know the name of the wedding photographer for my date?
Instant Memories Wedding Photography will contact you when we receive your retainer / deposit and assign your desired wedding photographer at that time.


17) When do we pay the final balance?
Instant Memories Wedding Photography is proud to accept final payment on wedding date at the conclusion of the afternoon or evening.


18) Does your company have any online wedding albums or digital CD-ROM transfer services?
Instant Memories Wedding Photography provides all clients with an online private album of their favourite 50 photos. These photos can also be transferred to CD-ROM.


19) Do you offer any discounts for Fridays, Sundays or Non Saturday weddings for your wedding photography packages?
Instant Memories Wedding Photography is pleased to offer a $ 200 discount for all non Saturday as well as November – March clients.


20) Do your wedding packages include wedding albums?
Our packages include a $200 credit towards an album of your choice.